Opening of personal photo exhibition at Eugenides Foundation

Last night was the official opening of my personal photo exhibition "Benthos and Pelagos: Life in the Greek Seas" with texts by Maria Salomidi at Eugenides Foundation, sponsored by the Institute of Oceanography of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.
The event was organised around the celebration of the World Environment Day and presentations about the Greek seas and our same-titled book preceded the opening of the exhibition.

This is the first photo exhibition in Greece with metal prints, a new print medium offering extreme durability, high contrast, colour richness and accuracy.  The prints were made by Photolab, the only printing lab in Greece offering this new print medium, and one of the few official Chromaluxe labs in Europe. Looking directly at them feels like standing in front of a high definition LCD screen, and a unique sense of depth arises from the images... Must see to believe!
The exhibition will be open and free for public viewing until the end of June, from 10.30 till 20.00, at Eugenides Foundation, 387 Syngrou Avenue, P. Faliro.
Here is the official announcement, for those than can read Greek!